A Day to Re-Live The Past

The Boat Show Exhibit  at The Antique Boat Museum

Today we headed over the The Antique Boat Museum in Clayton. Wonderful exhibits  of vintage speed boats, cabin cruisers, small watercraft all restored for display. Many vintage craft were in the water and operable as well. 

Upper Deck Of The La Duchesse

 The La Duchesse was originally built by George Boldt and later purchased and refitted by The McNally Family of Rand McNally fame.  The boat was donated to the museum and the McNally sons, now in their 70's, still come back to the museum to visit

Elgin Motor built and marketed by Sears

While touring the vintage boat outboards I ran across this Elgin boat motor. It is almost identical
 (from my memory) to the one we had  as kids for our 14' Montgomery Ward boat. This thing was a horse and hold lots of memories.

Downtown Clayton Overlooking The St Lawrence River

We had lunch in the Wood Boat Brewery and then took a walk downtown before heading back to the trailer.
Hamburgers, Hot Dogs, salads, and of course a nice white wine while we sat out by the stars watching the sun set. Can't get enough of this.