A Day In Lake George

We took the tram in to Lake George village as parking is pretty scarce. A nice afternoon with lunch outdoors at Shepard's Cove overlooking the Lake. Lake George is a great place to spend the day on their "beach" or on a boat. We just chilled while strolling in and out of shops. When we retuned we explored this RV park. You can spend the day just here in their confines. Indoor and outdoor pools, tennis, bike paths, and trails. We walked with Nina around the trails and as we headed back we saw another fifth wheel exactly like ours from Canada. We chatted with the owner who is on vacation from Montreal. He loves his Crusader 295RST and today they are headed south to Wildwood and Cape May. He mentioned he saw us pull in (nothing gets past we nosy campers) He says many Canadians travel to the states as it is an easy trip with many times the dollar exchange being a factor. Burgers and Hot Dogs on the grill for dinner. We will leave today for Sussex NJ and then home either late tonight or tomorrow morning. It's someone's birthday, you know!