Westminster Abbey, The Tower, Big Ben.......

Some how I can't seem to get the famous Roger Miller song out of my head!

Friday was a day to ourselves so we set out, after breakfast, on the subway or The Tube, to The London Eye , Big Ben, Parliament, and Westminster Abbey. the view from The London Eye was spectacular. Basically a giant ferris wheel that slowly made one rotation and gave a 360 degree view of the surrounding area. The highlight of the day, though, was the tour through Westminster Abbey. To imagine the history, the Kings and Queens, poets and writers such as Tennyson and Dickens and musicians such as Handel that are buried there is amazing.

After lunch at The Clarence, we strolled past Downing Street, then through Trafalgar Square, and spent time in their National Gallery.

Dinner was at the Minako At The Met on the 23rd floor with another great view of the city and the Hyde Park Stage all lit up and prepared for the Springsteen concert tonight! Maybe we can crash it?