Their Elizabeth, Our Elizabeth, Their 60th Our ???

BA and I departed Newark at 10 pm and arrived London the next morning at 9:30 actually a half hour early! I wanted to mention an interesting thing regarding the crew/ stewards who were excellent. There were 3 men and one married couple. We were seated in the first row coach( exit row) and as we were in approach to land the couple sat in front of us and asked how we enjoyed the flight. We ended up in conversation with them and they told us they were married and how wonderful the company was to allow them to work together. They live in Orlando and have a vacation home in the Poconos. During the winter they have more time off but during the summers they travel so much they were only home 2 days the past month. Working together all that time.

The UK is celebrating Queen Elizabeth's 60 years on the throne and my Elizabeth is celebrating..... LOL just thought it was interesting!

We arrived around noon in London at our hotel the Hilton Metropole and met the Globus tour rep who suggested we take a tour immediately to keep ourselves busy (and awake). We headed out to The Tower of London. Pictured is the Tower Bridge over The Thames with the Olympic Rings suspended from it taken with the Nikon D7000 and the 18-200 lens. Indoor shots with this camera without the flash were terrific much better than the old D200 and I will post them on my page when we get home. Traffic is awful in London (think Manhattan) and it took almost an hour, so this morning we are definitely going to check the underground (subway) out as we have the day to ourselves. We had a light dinner in the hotel around 7pm and slept the night away!