Back to Bermuda after 15 Years

Downtown Hamilton, Bermuda
Thursday afternoon we returned to Bermuda and the now Fairmont Southhampton after 15 years. After an early lunch we roamed around the grounds while planning dinner. We dined at the Waterlot on steak and prime rib and ended the evening with drinks at Jasmine. Friday morning we walked through the town of Hamilton once again and saw quite a few changes. Biggest in our eyes were the fact that Triminghams and Smiths Of Bermuda were out of business after many years. Brown and Co took over the Smith building but Triminghams was knocked down and an HSBC bank was built in its place. Many new office buildings were either built or being built.
We had lunch in the Hog Penny which thankfully has remained. Dinner that evening was at Bacci an Italian family type restaurant. Today we spent a few hours by the pool and read (I did swim for awhile) and tonight we plan on eating at The Dining Room at Gibbs Lighthouse.  Pictured to the left is downtown Hamilton, Bermuda shot with my Iphone. (No camera on this trip!)