Nikon D70

I have created this blog to keep a record of my experiences with the Nikon D70 Camera.
I started amateur photography during high school in the late 60's using a Graflex Spped Graphic camera(if I remember correctly). Over the years I moved to the traditional Canon bodies (AE-1 Program and T70) but the last few years ventured into digital with some point and shoots until finally deciding to take the "plunge" into digital slrs. After doing some light research I chose the Nikon D70 over my first choice the Canon Rebel. Both cameras would have suited my amateur tastes but I chose the Nikon after seeing how versatile the lenses would be, the battery life, as well as the amount of shots held in the buffer.
I have since taken this camera with the 18-70MM kit lens and a Nikon 70-300 G lens to Arizona, and San Diego for some fun shots. Recently I had to return the kit lens to Nikon for repair as the autofocus would not lock at the widest (18MM). I am waiting for its return as I write this. I also own a Nikon 50mM 1.8 prime purchased used on Ebay and am having delivered today a Nikon 28-200MM from KEH Photo.

I will put the results of the repair of the 18-70MM lens in a future post.
You can see some of my photos atMichael
All were shot with the D70 except the Ireland photos.